These beautiful glass jar succulents are great for beginner plant enthusiasts or plant parents who don't have a lot of time for daily watering! They are drought tolerant and require minimal water to thrive! All you need to do is take it home and place it in a bright sunny space! They love the sun but not too direct! A sunny window is a great space for them to show off those beautiful vibrant colors! Get yours today!




Succulent Terrariums (No Shipping)

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    How to care for a succulent terrarium


    Succulents - plants with thick, fleshy foliage and stems that store water. They are commonly used in terrariums. Succulents are comfortable being dry and the root system do not need a lot of space to thrive.  


    Many Succulents stay small which can give you years with your succulent without needing to move it into another space. We use various types of Succulents in our Terrariums. Keep an eye on the growth, if it gets too big move it to a larger space. You can always replace that one with another! 


    How to care for this type of Terrarium


    • Light: Most succulents prefer bright light. Keep in mind glass magnifies which can cause them to burn if in direct sun. A bright sunny window will suffice it will bring the pretty colors of succulents vibrant. 


    • Water: Succulents are drought tolerant plants, and are highly susceptible to root-rot. Keep in mind there is no drain hole in the terrarium so water sparingly. We use activated charcoal in our terrariums which acts as a filter that pulls toxins and bacteria from the soil and water and deodorizes the terrarium with the fact that terrariums do not have drainage holes, you'll want to water your succulent terrarium very sparingly around the base when the soil has gone almost completely dry. Most succulents will tell you when it's time to water by puckering slightly in their leaves. 


    • Troubleshooting: Shriveled leaves? Time to water. Mushy, brown or black leaves? You're watering too much. Remove these plants and replace with comparable specimens, taking care not to water quite as much. Reduce watering during winter.