Our Derma Roller is great for all skin types. It is a great tool to use on a daily bases. It's like getting a light micro dermabrasion on the skin at home. They work by poking tiny holes in the skin to create cell turnover. It is a tiny hole, you can't see it and it is not abrasive. The size is .25mm the smallest size is great for daily use. Color may vary.




Derma Roller

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  • Derma Rollers help your skin products penetrate deeper for greater success with hyperpigmentaion & wrinkles. They are said to build collagen and elasticity in the skin, enhancing the renewing and removal of old skin cells. You must try this! They are also said to use to enhance hair growth by stimulating the follicles. If you suffer from hair loss or alopecia this tool can aid in blood flow and stimulate the ollicles to grow the hair back. 

    How to use: After cleansing the face and toning, gently roll the Derma Roller on face in an upward and outward position. Avoid the under eye area as the skin is really thin in that area and it will be uncomfortable.

    Use your serum and moisturizer after. It will help those items penetrate deeper to help repair the skin. We recommend the Damask Rose Serum and Moisturizer! 

    If using for hair loss gently roll in affected area to promote stimulation.