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Her Story

Do you ever think your dreams are too big? I'm Lakisha Bullock Licensed Cosmetologist, Herbalist & Skincare Specialist and since age 16 I've dreamed of having my own beauty product line! I thought about writing this in the 3rd person or even getting someone else to write it for me. Then I said to myself? "Who better to tell your story than you", coming from me would allow people to get to know who I am and understand why I am so passionate. 

I was born and raised in Philly, growing up with so little made me strive for so much more as an adult. Starting SCB Naturals was a long time in the making. I didn't wake up one day and decide I was going to make natural products, I dreamed of it since I was 16! When I realized I could actually do this it became my reality. What prompted this dream was the fact that I was bullied and beat up as a kid because of how my hair looked and how I dressed. I had to learn how to fix my hair and dress better, so I started practicing braiding my hair and learning about skincare. I then started doing my sisters and other people in the neighborhood's hair. It was my way of making money to buy clothes and shoes. It made me feel empowered to be able to look and feel better. 


I came across Lisa from Carol's Daughter and admired her for a long time. I told myself if she could start her brand in her kitchen, I could do the same. When I first started using her products, they were awesome, and I was immediately impressed! I loved the way they naturally smelled and made my skin feel. I remember making this Shea Butter with oil mix and putting dry orange peels and essential oils in it. My sister called me and told me how it cleared her skin up. I was so shocked, but extremely motivated to go harder. I knew it was time to really get the ball rolling. 

Years later I developed a serious eczema condition, and nothing was controlling the issue. I felt ugly, my skin was horrible. I felt like I was that kid being bullied all over again. I had to do something about this. One of my goals was to make people feel empowered! When you have great skin and hair it's totally empowering, you feel good!  My biggest task was to create products to help with my eczema condition. It was then I realized I had a gift that I had to share.  I knew at that moment my 16-year-old dream was not too big! After countless hours of research & education SCB Naturals was born in 2015. Support a woman in business. Dream with me!

Lakisha B. Dream Bigger :)