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Glass Jars with Plants

Our Mission: To Create Vegan, Eco Friendly & Sustainable Wellness Products that focuses on Promoting A Healthier Lifestyle Through Self-Care, Education & Empowerment.

Pink Flowers
There's Beauty In Natural
We Say No To These Harmful Ingredients
 No Parabens | No Phthalates | No Paraffin| No Mineral Oil | No DEA | No EDTA | No Petroleum | No Formaldehyde | No Propylene | No Synthetic Fragrance | No Soy
Facts About SCB Naturals

​*Woman Owned
*We support women in business
*We donate monthly to local causes
*We are an Eco Friendly Brand
*Our soaps are Palm Oil Free & made with sustainable ingredients

*We order our Shea Butters from Africa to support women in business
*We use recycled, recyclable, sustainable, compo-stable & Eco - friendly packaging
* We source ONLY through local, fair trade, certified organic & sustainable companies
* We grow many of our ingredients used in our products
* We produce our own extracts from herbs & flowers

 All Natural Vegan & Organic

SCB Naturals believes in producing great natural products for the entire family without compromising them with chemicals. We use Earth Friendly Packaging and recyclable containers!! We grow many of the ingredients we use for our products in our garden. We also produce our own extracts that we use to enhance the benefits of our products.
Our products are packed with natural & organic ingredients that helps nourish and maintain great skin balance.
We produce natural soaps, butters, lotions and more with ingredients for eczema, psoriasis, anti-aging, moisture, nourishment, skin discolorations, itching, blotchiness, redness and dryness. We test every product batch prior to packaging.
We purchase our ingredients through sustainable, fair trade, certified and organic sources that provide the purest, natural, raw oils, clays and butters.