Urban Gardening

Our Commitment

Education: As an Eco friendly & sustainable brand we are committed to continuing our education while also continuing to educate our customers and  others who come in contact with our brand. 

Sourcing Ingredients: We ONLY source through local, fair trade, certified organic & sustainable companies. We also source local as much as possible. It is important that we maintain positive engagement & relationships with our community & other entrepreneurs. 

Ingredients: When SCB Naturals was started there was always the plan to go completely Eco Friendly at a point with the brand. Our commitment to using natural products that are found right in our own garden has always been the same. We do not use any harmful chemicals in our products and we will always keep that same effort. As we grow we are committed to being Handmade, Eco Friendly & Sustainable and will not compromise. 

Packaging: Our new packaging is Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Recyclable and Compostable. Our new Handmade Soap packaging will be plant able seed paper very soon! We hope that you will help us in this effort by properly disposing of the packaging or returning glass containers back to us at our weekly pop ups. 

Support Woman Owned: As a woman owned business we are committed to purchasing specific products from woman owned companies. It is our duty to support as we feel many support us. 

Gardening: We are committed to growing as much as we can in our own garden to cut down the need to out source. As you know growing depends on regions so there will always be a need for outsourcing and we will continue to outsource from reputable and organic growers

As we grow so will this page of commitments